Precautions for biopsy forceps operation


Before using the biopsy forceps, it is first of all important to test them to confirm that they have been sterilized and that they have been used within the effective period. Before the use of the endoscopic tube forceps, the opening and closing of the clamp flap will be detected.

The biopsy forceps flap detection method is to coil the biopsy forceps into a large circle (20cm diameter) and then open and close the biopsy forceps for several times to see whether the opening and closing of the biopsy forceps is smooth or not. If there is unsmooth phenomenon, the biopsy forceps should not be used.

Secondly, for the detection of the closure of the biopsy forceps, thin paper can be used to hold the biopsy forceps. If the thin paper does not fall off, it is considered qualified. Meanwhile, the alignment of the clamp flap cup mouth should be observed.

Precautions for biopsy forceps operation

Before inserting the clamp pipe, it is necessary to close the clamp flap mouth, but it must be noted that the traction wire will be elongated due to the fear of too much force due to loose closure, which will affect the opening and closing degree of the clamp flap.

When inserting the biopsy forceps into the pipe, it should follow the direction of the opening of the forceps pipe to avoid friction with the pipe opening. When the biopsy forceps meet resistance during entry, the Angle knob should be relaxed to enter under the state of natural extension. If it still fails, the endoscope should be withdrawn from the body for further testing, or the biopsy forceps of a smaller model should be replaced.

Avoid excessive force when pulling out the biopsy forceps. When the forceps flap cannot be closed, do not force out the biopsy forceps. At the same time, push them out of the body with the endoscope, and then do the treatment.

Post time: Aug-26-2021