What are the unique characteristics of disposable biopsy forceps


1. Rigid clamp head, special steel wire connecting rod structure, excellent mechanical function

2. The upper and lower pivots are clear, the stroke is moderate, the hand feel is good, and the sampling is easy.

3. Sharp knife edge, sufficient sampling, moderate size, high positive detection rate

4. The clamp head can pass through the 210° curved clamp channel, and the outer tube can be opened and closed normally after 2 turns of the clamp head

5. The surface is coated with super-slip plastic coating, which effectively reduces the damage to the clamp hole

6. Low price, suitable for widespread use. Product introduction: During gastroscopic biopsy, the biopsy forceps enter the digestive tract to remove mucosal tissue and directly contact the blood. If it is repeatedly used, there is a hidden danger of cross-infection, which increases the patient's infection such as hepatitis B. Chance of disease.ESGE

Post time: Sep-03-2021